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Cannabinoids 101

Cannabinoids are powerful. But what exactly do they do?

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Cannabinoids are innately powerful; the positive effects they can have on our bodies are vast and far-reaching.

For centuries, cannabinoids have aided an array of health and wellness concerns. You’ve probably heard of the most common ailments associated with cannabinoid use — like joint pain, non-migraine headaches, nausea, anxiety and lack of sleep. But cannabinoids like CBG and CBD can do so much more…

Are cannabinoids like CBG and CBD all hype?

As society moves towards a more forward-thinking approach to well-being, products formulated with cannabinoid-rich extracts are becoming more widely recognised as an effective health and wellness supplement. And while they could appear to be a fad, cannabinoids have scientifically proven results. According to the Nutritional Business Journal, 91% of consumers find cannabinoids to be an effective solution for their well-being needs. Cellular Goods is also engaged in proprietary research aimed at furthering our understanding of cannabinoids potential, as well as validating the safety and effectiveness of all our products.

What can cannabinoids do for me?

Cannabinoids have the transformative power to energise, nourish and heal ourselves from the inside out. Whether you’re interested in targeting specific concerns or exploring a general lifestyle enhancement, cannabinoid products are an effortlessly efficient way to optimise yourself on a daily basis.

What can cannabinoids treat?

Research and consumer evidence suggests:

  • Ease pain from training and sports-related injuries
  • Regulate your mood and alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Sharpen your focus and improve levels of concentration
  • Reduce inflammation across all areas of the body — from your skin and joints to your gut, which helps with diseases such as eczema, arthritis and Chron's
  • Improve your natural sleep cycle, allowing your body to rest for longer and more comfortably
  • Soothe sensitive skin
  • Fight and protect against harmful bacteria both internally (via ingestibles) and externally (via skincare)

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