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Cannabinoids, biohacking and the possibilities of optimised biology

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Biohacking — sometimes referred to as as DIY biology — is the practice of changing your external or internal environment in order to exercise more control over your body’s biology.

Biohacking has a wide range of definitions and means different things for different people. For some, biohacking involves meticulously calibrating the food and nutrients they put into their bodies for a heightened performance. For others, the concept involves meditating on electromagnetic mats, seeking infrared light exposure, or simply hanging upside down. (The latter is called ‘brain-hacking’ — and promises devotees will benefit from increased blood flow to the brain.)

Because cannabinoids are scientifically proven to positively engage our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS), their consumption could be considered a form of biohacking.

When cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are consumed, they help our ECS fine-tune our bodies back into alignment. Our ECS plays a core role in regulating our sleep, memory, mood and appetite. It even regulates our bodies’ emotional responses and stress levels, which can cause systemic or chronic inflammation.

Ingestible cannabinoid products are an efficient, cost-effective and non-intrusive form of biohacking. Their easy-dose format also makes them a neater option than other cannabinoid products, like oils. Oral sprays, oral drops, and capsules all provide identical biohacking benefits — their only defining difference is their format, which is personal preference.

As biohacking’s popularity has increased exponentially over the last decade, so has the amount of misinformation around the subject. As it stands, the science around its subject matter is ever-evolving. That being said, if you are interested in exploring biohacking for the first time, cannabinoids offer a science-backed entry point.

As with all medical-related subjects, it’s imperative to make well-informed decisions based on reliable research and data. Because all Cellular Goods ingestibles are formulated with high-quality, lab-made cannabinoids — they offer a safe, consistent and authenticated way of experimenting with biohacking. Our products are efficacy-led and focused on delivering real results — all substantiated with pure and precise science.

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