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Cellular Goods x Beauty Banks

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Everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, yet hygiene poverty still affects millions of adults around the world. That’s why Cellular Goods is supporting Beauty Banks - a UK charity that aims to raise awareness and provide supplies to those in need.

Powered by the kindness, generosity and passion of like-minded people, businesses and brands, Beauty Banks’ mission is to ensure that no one in the UK has to suffer the indignity of being unclean. Similar to the way Foodbanks work, but instead of food, the charity provides personal care and hygiene products to people in the UK living in hygiene poverty via registered charities like Foodbanks, refuges and homeless facilities.

To coincide with Sun Awareness Week, for every product sold on the Cellular Goods’ website we’ll be matching it with a donation of a bottle of our SPF25 Rejuvenating Day Cream to Beauty Banks to be distributed via their network.

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