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All you need to know about cannabinoids, our products and the science of wellbeing.

White Paper: Production of Cannabinoids using biotechnology and synthetic chemistry as a path to sustainability

Biosynthetic precision fermentation is becoming increasingly important on environmental grounds, creating many opportunities for more sustainably produced compounds to be obtained across multiple industries.

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White Paper: Cannabinoids for the prevention of aging

Cannabinoids are compelling ingredients that provide multiple mechanisms against photo- and inflammaging.

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Cannabinoids will not get you high

Let’s be clear — not all cannabinoids induce a high.

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Biohack your anxiety with cannabinoids

Biohacking involves experimenting with specific lifestyle variables in order to ‘hack’ your biology and improve your health. Biohacking can help you feel your absolute best — and also affect the level of anxiety you experience.

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Cannabinoids and you

Whether applied or consumed, cannabinoids can transform your skin, body and wellbeing on a cellular level.

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Science and you

Explore what lab-made cannabinoids are, how they are made and why our products are the purest and most precise available

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