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Our Philosophy

At Cellular Goods, we are committed to developing next-generation skincare and wellness products that help people look, feel and function better. We believe in harnessing the untapped potential of CBG, using sustainable production methods to create science-backed, efficacy-led formulations that really make a difference.

The future of skincare

Cellular Goods is the first brand in the UK to produce skincare with CBG – a breakthrough anti-inflammatory which has been shown to prevent changes in the skin known to accelerate the ageing process, by counteracting the ageing effects of UV exposure and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it a highly effective ingredient for calming redness and sensitivity, soothing skin and protecting skin from irritation. This means it's suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Our science is different

Our science-backed, efficacy-led formulations represent the future of cellular level care. We use CBG that is produced by advanced biotechnology, to consistently perform at the highest standard. This is also a responsible approach to ingredient sourcing, as the ingenuity employed to formulate our supply of CBG contributes to less water use, less waste and less CO2 than plant-derived alternatives.

  • High performance

  • Cruelty-free

  • Vegan

  • Pure, novel ingredients

How we develop our products

At Cellular Goods, we create effective solutions backed by science and the power of CBG and we never compromise on quality, safety or efficacy.

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