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Summer skincare Q&A with Alexia Blake

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Navigating summer's skincare challenges can be particularly tricky. That's why we've enlisted the help of Alexia Blake, Director of Research and Product Development at Cellular Goods, to answer your most commonly asked questions.

Whether you’re a novice exploring the basic principles of sun damage prevention, or a more seasoned individual looking to deepen your knowledge of key ingredients – read on for everything you need to know about achieving optimal skin health.

Q: Why do I get more spots in summer?

A: “Heat and humidity combined with heavy and occlusive products can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Swap your heavy-duty winter products for lightweight summer formulas. Our Day Mousse is an excellent choice due to its featherlight formula and inclusion of niacinamide, which regulates sebum production.”

Q: Why are antioxidants important in summer?

A: “While SPF is necessary, even a highly-rated product won't provide 100% protection. CBG has been shown to be 1,800 times more effective than vitamin C at preventing the formation of reactive oxygen species triggered by UV exposure.”

Q: Can I use CBD/CBG with retinol in summer?

A: “There is no evidence suggesting that CBD or CBG interfere with retinol. However, retinol can make you extra sensitive to sun damage. The matrixyl in our Face Serum is as effective as retinol but does not cause irritation or increase the skin's sun sensitivity.”

Q: Is it too late to start a summer skincare routine?

A: “It's never too late to start using cannabinoid skincare products, as the benefits provided by CBD and CBG are relevant for all ages. Our Rejuvenating range products also contain other skincare actives to address pre-existing signs of ageing, including wrinkles.”

Q: Should I use CBD/CBG in the morning or at night?

A: “We recommend using our products both morning and night because they have different benefits at different times. Applying CBD or CBG in the morning helps protect against UV exposure and pollution, while the anti-inflammatory benefits make them excellent additions to a nighttime routine.”

Q: What's the best treatment for sunburn?

A: “When this happens, layer up on skin-soothing ingredients that can reduce redness, cellular inflammation and help with dryness. Our Rejuvenating Night Cream is the perfect post-sun treatment thanks to CBD and CBG, which work together to achieve all of the above.”

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