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The age prevention serum of the future

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The desire to keep skin looking healthy, clear and youthful-looking is a commonly shared goal, however, many age-preventative solutions require skin to pay the price with uncomfortable irritation, such as dryness, sensitivity, and itching. Retinol is one of the strongest and most effective cosmetic ingredients in anti-ageing skincare, however, it can often cause irritation (known as ‘retinisation’), which can exhibit as peeling, dryness and itching.

At Cellular Goods, we don’t believe youthful, healthy skin should come at a cost, which is why we developed our breakthrough Rejuvenating Face Serum.

Rejuvenating Face Serum

Our breakthrough serum is desgined to visibly reverse signs of skin ageing as effectively as Retinol – without the associated dryness or irritation. Skin is left looking its best: youthful, healthy and radiant.

“There are only a handful of products I keep using because I seriously love them. This face serum is one of them. It contains ground-breaking ingredients such as Matrixyl, an anti-age peptide and CBG, an anti-inflammatory which protects from irritation and my skin genuinely feels more hydrated, smooth and radiant.”

Helena Christensen

“I suffer from rosacea and have very sensitive skin. I started using the serum a couple of weeks ago and the results have been fantastic . My skin feels smoother and looks so much clearer. In fact I’m so impressed I’ve just ordered the moisturiser and facial oil.”

Christine, Cellular Goods customer

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