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White Paper: The Five A's of Cannabinoid Skincare

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Written by Alexia BlakeHead of Research & Product Development

In the context of personal care and beauty, skin is often overlooked as the body’s largest organ. Rather than just serving as a blank canvas to treat, paint, alter and otherwise manipulate, it is easy to forget that skin serves a multitude of other (and perhaps more essential) purposes 1,2.

First and foremost, skin acts as a protective barrier between our bodies and the outside world of external aggressors, such as bacterial pathogens, pollutants, and radiation. It also serves as an interface responsible for temperature regulation and detection of sensorial triggers such as heat, cold, pressure and pain. Lastly, skin acts as a filter for absorption and excretion while also preventing excessive water loss from our bodies.

Amidst these many responsibilities, skin is often under constant assault – not just from the outside world but also from within. Environmental assailants such as UV radiation, chemical irritants, pollutants, and bacterial pathogens constantly attack our skin, challenging its ability to function as an impenetrable barrier while also triggering a constant process of repair and renewal. Internal stressors such as cytotoxic cells, cellular debris and everchanging physiological conditions impacted by genetics, stress, sleep, and diet place similar demands on skin 3.

In seemingly all cases, skin is in a defensive mode fighting off impending damage. This often requires support from the body’s immune system, which like skin, may wane in its strength and resiliency over time 4,5. When the skin and immune system become impaired, people may experience an array of negative outcomes including irritations and sensitivity, breakouts, premature ageing, and the development of dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis 6,7. Solutions designed to keep skin healthy should therefore aim to address the varied root causes of skin damage, rather than focus solely on cosmetic outcomes.

To this end, the possibilities of cannabinoids for skin health are immense. Despite the rising popularity of cannabinoids such as CBD for promoting wellness-related outcomes associated with improved sleep, mood and pain, a growing body of robust scientific evidence is also revealing that cannabinoids such as CBD and, in particular CBG, provide a multitude of benefits for skin that Cellular Goods refers to as the 5 A’s of Cannabinoid Skincare.

It is these benefits that form the basis from which cannabinoids such as CBG and CBD can keep skin healthy, smooth, firm and radiant. From clear and calm skin to ageing prevention, cannabinoids are powerhouse ingredients that present a new frontier for skincare.

However, harnessing their full potential for maximum benefit requires a sound understanding of their unique properties. In this whitepaper, the multifaceted benefits of cannabinoids, namely CBG and CBD, are summarised with the intent of providing consumers and formulators alike with an appreciation for the colourful spectrum of benefits these fascinating ingredients can confer to skincare applications, particularly when compared to traditional skincare ingredient such as retinoids, Vitamin C, and exfoliating acids, which are often limited by their irritation potential and risk of photosensitivity.

As safe, effective and well tolerated ingredients, cannabinoids undoubtedly present skincare solutions of the future.

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